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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Questions game

again I'm sorry for my English..
hi guys, have you ever had a stucking point with a woman? have you ever had a situation when you felt the conversation isn't going anywhere? i bet you do.. well here is one optional solution, the Questuins game, (got it from my unc).

Game rules:

You point out to the girl that she should ask you 10 questions, on any subject, questions about family, secrets, relationships, sex, life, on everything, including really personal and intrusive, explain the rules in these words that so you actually route the conversation you want, sex, invasion of privacy and intrusive comments unconsciousness bypass Rules.
You must specify that you promise to answer honestly (and indeed you do, but politically), and then you ask her 10 questions.
You must emphasized that these are not superficial questions like what is your favorite color and so on. But deep questions.

* She must ask first

Rape & The Dark Side Of Seduction

Imagine a man’s eyeballs catching a glimpse of a gorgeous vixen. Her boobies, butted together and pushed up by an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Each carefully painted foot hooked into a black stiletto.
He can hear the hum of blood chugging into his dong, leaving him with an uncontrollable puberty-erection.
His jagged and stubby fingernails, a keepsake of the fear and nervousness he feels when approaching beautiful babies.
His heart thumping like a mallet struck against a gong.
His skin turns from healthy-tan to the color of regular computer paper.
He careens up to her and babbles something unintelligible.
You know the feeling when your stomach throws back all the food you swallowed and there’s nothing left but it still wants to play catch with the toilet bowl? That’s the look she gives him.
He feels he has crashed head-on into a concrete wall graffitied with the words “I’m not attracted to you, loser.”
A deep misunderstanding about attraction is handcuffing this man from getting the women he deserves…
He thinks attraction is a set of visual qualities that sexually arouse women. Think bulging muscles, chiseled face, and a package so big the mailman would get a hernia delivering it.
Why do so many men fall into this attraction myth?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Special Super-Success Issue

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I am interrupting the normal flow of Speed Seduction® newsletters to bring you a very important message that I feel simply CANNOT wait.
You see, from time to time, I get incredible testimonials from students who are using the SS material to truly.....
...Change Their Lives And KICK BUTT WITH WOMEN!
Yesterday, I got the following email from Ryan D, and I feel I had to share it with you because his results are not only dramatic, but more importantly...
.....He Goes Into Which Specific Techniques Got What Specific Results With The Women He Really Wanted!
So, here, unedited, is the testimonial from Ryan.  
Here it is:
I have been using Ross's material since 1997, after a woman whom I thought I had loved totally rejected me. I was 20 at the time. Sitting in a pool of rejection and self-doubt, I did what my parents had taught me to do in any type of failure: learn as much as you can about the subject and re-attack. I started to read anything and everything I could on meeting and dating women. Unfortunately, most of the material out there is written by touchy-feely types (mostly women or emasculated men) and fails to get down to a REAL way to bridge the communication gap between men and women. In one such article, I did read something that one of the authors said that modern men need to learn more about the art of "seduction".

How To Tap Into Women's Romantic Fantasies...

Ever hear about lounge lizards in the 1970s?
The guys sporting big collar shirts and gold necklaces with medallions shaped as the male insignia?
Know what their pick up line was?
“What’s your sign, baby? Our signs are compatible. Destiny brought love together tonight.” 
If all went well, they might’ve flickered their tongues to demonstrate their prowess at going to lunch on a woman’s vajayjay. 
I know… yuck.
But hold on, my friend.
I bet countless women fell hard for this line. (I’m talkin’ about the line, not the tongue flickering.)
Granted, it was the 1970s: Astrology and transcendental meditation were peaking in popularity.
Nonetheless, contained within the line are powerful mechanisms at work.
A romantic fantasy most women have is this: A male stranger asks them for directions. They have an intense attraction to each other. They feel a connection in their mind, body, and soul. Fall in love. And live happily ever after.
There’s heaps of subtle psychology built into this little fantasy. To a woman, the fantasy appears magical because it’s completely spontaneous. Neither she nor he planned, sought out, or seduced the other.
Instead, a higher power or force brought them together.

How To Steal A Player's Girlfriend...

Story From A Reader...
Just wanted to say thanks. I was married for several years and man did the game change since I left it and I suppose I did as well. My social skills had disappeared and my comfort level out on the scene was gone.
After reading your material I realized that I used to do the right things even though I didn't know what the right things were. Now I notice attraction and where I am in every interaction.
Last weekend was the pinnacle of pickups for me as i took my first girl right off of her boyfriends arm. This guy is known as the player of my town. He gets the girls and I wanted to test the waters. I was with one of my best friends who I have been trying to get to understand your concepts. I told my best friend about a way to start conversations with women. He laughed at it.
That night we ended up running into the player. He walked up and introduced his girl friends to us. I immediately engaged her. Within seconds she had moved around him to get closer to me, turned her back on him and was right in my face. I watched him slowly back out of the group. How could he get mad? I didn't obviously hit on her but the attraction was just flowing and he could see it. My friend was absolutely amazed and the player just disappeared. I tried to make the girl go back to her boyfriend but she wouldn't go. Her words to me, "You're so interesting though". I couldn't shake her. I don't usually do that to guys and I almost felt bad, but this guy it didn't bother me. He has banged plenty of other guy's girls and I had to do it.
- Savoi Va.
Swinggcat's Response: