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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Questions game

again I'm sorry for my English..
hi guys, have you ever had a stucking point with a woman? have you ever had a situation when you felt the conversation isn't going anywhere? i bet you do.. well here is one optional solution, the Questuins game, (got it from my unc).

Game rules:

You point out to the girl that she should ask you 10 questions, on any subject, questions about family, secrets, relationships, sex, life, on everything, including really personal and intrusive, explain the rules in these words that so you actually route the conversation you want, sex, invasion of privacy and intrusive comments unconsciousness bypass Rules.
You must specify that you promise to answer honestly (and indeed you do, but politically), and then you ask her 10 questions.
You must emphasized that these are not superficial questions like what is your favorite color and so on. But deep questions.

* She must ask first
* Do not agree for less questions (only if she really, really insists then no less than 5)
* Do not agree taking turns (1-1)
* Be attentive to her questions, her questions are really her answers, explanation below.

Overt goal of the game:
to know each other (that's what she thinks ... lol)

Hidden objective and benefits:
+ To know the girl
+ To know her interests
+ Direct her to our directions
+ DHV: quality and listener
+ Let her talk (because they LOVE it, and more then that they psychologically feel (subconsciously ) that as they talk more about themselves so they're more connected to the person they choose to speak with)
+ Create an emotional connection
+ Show value
+ Excellent game for framing
+ excellent game to get close Physical
+ a chance  to test your game
+ An excellent opportunity to practice a coversation to a girl.
+ A good solution to the conversation stucking point.
+ + + +, Etc.

Well as you figured, the girl starts asking you questions, then you.

lets say, for that matter that these are the questions asked by her in the order (in brackets i note theme question):
1. What's your favorite pose in sex? (Sex)
2. When was your last relationship and why it ended? (relationship)
3. What's the strangest place you had sex? (Sex)
4. What is your ambition in life? (The life)
5. Do you believe in love at first sight? (relationship)
6. If you could get a job that you work for free, assuming you have shelter, food and basic things, what was it? (Career)
7. What's the saddest situation you've been in your life? (Intimacy)
8. What do you like / look for a girl? (relationship)
9. How many children do you want? (family)
10. If your girlfriend was cheating on you would you forgive her? (relationship)

Well a few ways to realize the benefits and realize the goals I mentioned above (not an exact science but hits at least 90% of the cases):

Order of questions:
Order of questions is crucial, in our example watch what she said at the beginning, sex, relationships and sex again. In most cases the girl asks at first the important things in her life. in our example the girl with high sex drive must have a good match for sex with her BF. Note that another issue at the end of the fifth questions family and relationships, now is not thinking about a family even though she also was interested in exploring that with you.

Featured Topics
Another possibility to find out what interests this girl with the main areas of choice.
4 for relationship, 2 for sex, a question about life, a question about a career, 1 of intimacy and 1 for family.
These data can already figure out what interests her in the big picture, she is looking for a relationship, maybe just sex, less interested in serious topics like family, intimacy, etc..

Tone and manner of speech
The way she asks the questions is the most important key, cause you understand if the woman in front of you is smart, funny, bitch etc. Way of speaking and toning will also provide you with answers on the girl's confidence, her shyness, her openness about her maturity and so on.

Tools you can use :

+ touch
+ acting skills
+ High self-esteem
+ framing (you should use when she finishes the questions and then share your own conclusions from it, only if you feel like)
+ looks
+Sex appeal


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